Technical Details

The Heliodrom is a geodesic Dome: over 60 wooden staves of three different lengths bolted together to form triangles. The triangles in turn form a series of pentagons and hexagons. This form – perfected in the 1940s by visionary architect R. Buckminister Fuller – is one of the most stable and wind-resistant buildings known to man. No supporting pillars are needed and under normal conditions no stakes and ropes.

The tent construction has been licensed by the German TÜV. The tent is fireproofed (B1). No Tentbook or special permission is needed because it is under 72 square meters in area and under 5 meters high.

The tent is anchored to a stable wooden platform. This platform is supported by beams resting on ca. 50 small feet. Thus there is a minimum of 15 cm under the platform and air circulates under the tent. Thus grass lawns or meadows receive air and recover quickly.

Dimensions: 9,9 meters diameter, 4,8 meters high, with 2 x 2 meter entrance.

Needed area: A flat (circular) area with an approximate diameter of 10 meters, plus 2 x 2 meters for the entrance. There should be a sunny place nearby (best next to the tent) for the solar panels.

The tent is best placed in a sunny area so that the solar panels can charge.

Stage dimensions: Typically about one-half of the dome is used as a stage. The stage is a half-circle and through the dome form of varying height (an average person can stand upright 60 centimeters from the edge of the tent). The playing area is approximately 8 meters wide in front, four meters wide in back and 3 to 5 meters deep.

Power: The solar-charged batteries produce 24 volts of power with 400A capacity which is transformed into 230 volts. However, it is not advisable to use more than 500 Watts of energy. Between 500 and 800 watts is possible but only for a short time. With a sensible use of energy and daytime charging, three hours of evening performances are possible.

Heliodrom comes equipped with adequate LED stage lighting and a DMX controller, as well as a complete (and simple) sound system. Our equipment needs less than 500 Watts to be effective.

The sound system consists of a Mixer (with 4 Microphone and 2 Stereo inputs), MiniDisk Player, and Active Monitors.

Time needed to set up the Heliodrom: ca. 10 hours. Additional time is needed to set the stage, so that two days setup time is optimal.

The Heliodrom is struck in ca. 8 hours.

4 experienced persons can set up and take down the Heliodrom. Additional help is welcomed.