A Cultural Arena

The Heliodrom is conceived of as a meeting place for culture: encounter, exchange, discussion and entertainment. Working together with local promoters, city officials, institutions and/or artists, Theater R.A.B. designs an exciting, thematically appropriate program.  This program can span a period of five days or more, and includes a multitude of events throughout the day and night.

Performances by Theater R.A.B. or guest artists, local talents, workshops, readings, lectures and discussions take place in or about the Heliodrom.

Theater R.A.B. places an enormous value on finding the right thematic touch, blending contrast and congruity to the location and event: for instance, Alphorn workshops and informative lectures about the local flora and fauna when situated in an alpine meadow; at an environmental symposium the emphasis is places on sustainability and positive affirmation, etc.

The members of Theater R.A.B. are all-round experts, having over three decades of experience as creators and performers of original theatrical productions on stage, street and open-air situations. They teach theatre, movement theatre and improvisation for both professional adults and small children. They are experienced in galas and special events, and specialize in tailor-made performances. All in all, this experience guarantees a unique and fitting cultural experience.

Magical theatre, moving concerts, informative workshops and exciting discussions; all in a cozy, intimate atmosphere: that is the Helidrom!